Freezer Repair

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If your freezer breaks down, it might be possible that you can effect repairs yourself, which could be done in a relatively short space of time, although it will be helpful if you have some knowledge about the various parts and how to replace them.

Broken Freezer
Frost Build Up
When there is a build-up of frost, it could be due to a defrost timer, thermostat or door gasket not properly working.

Freezer Fails To Start.
If your freezer isn’t starting, then you should inspect the thermostat, start relay and start capacitor.

Freezer Is Too Cold.
There is a possibility that a freezer can be too cold even up to an internal temperature of below 0 degrees F, in which case you’ll have to inspect the user control, thermostat and temperature control.

Freezer Overheats.
Again, you will need to test the thermostat, defrost timer and user control.

A Leaking Freezer.
Water supply lines going to the dispenser can be the cause of leakages, which cause pools of water in the freezer. All fridges release water in melting ice and condensation form, but when the system dealing with this water fails, then both the inside and outside of your fridge can end up with leakages.

Firstly, if you have a water dispenser, check the water supply line for any leakages after pulling out your fridge, and if there are any at the inlet valve, make sure the compression nuts are tightened.
You may well have to replace the copper or plastic tubes may if they are leaking, and tubing goes to both the inlet and saddle valve using screw-on compression fittings.

Water usually drains into a pan under the fridge, evaporating afterward, but if your fridge is uneven, then water will easily spill out of the pan. The best course of action here is to ensure the freezer is level.
The drain tubes should be cleared as a preventative measure otherwise water can leak onto the floor and into the actual compartments. You should remove the cover panel before unplugging the device.

If you have to unscrew the floor panel, you can use a hairdryer to help melt the ice that’s built up, thereafter sponging up the excess liquid, and then cleaning the drain hole by blowing air into it, by way of using an air compressor or a tire pump to enable the turning down of pressure.

Excessive Noise.
If you hear any odd noises, these could be coming from the compressor, the evaporator fan motor or the condenser fan motor. Whenever the appliance is running, open the door and the noise will obviously be louder. If not, the fridge should be pulled out.
Most freezers have a condenser fan motor, the back cover of which should be unscrewed in an endeavor to find out where the noise is coming from. It could be either from the compressor or the fan, and unfortunately, if it is the former, the only solution is to buy a new freezer.

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Most appliances will have to undergo repairs at some time in their life, but fixing a freezer may not be too complicated, so long as you can understand its workings and be able to diagnose possible issues. Our expert technicians can extend the life of your appliances and save you time as well as money.