Ice Maker Repair

Whatever kind of ice maker you have, be it in-built or portable, if it breaks down, contact us a Tyler’s Appliance Repair of Hillsboro, OR., who have highly trained technicians capable of carrying out repairs on most major brands.

Cause of the Breakdown
Your ice maker should always run at a temperature of between zero and five degrees and should it be more than that, it could mean a major malfunction. There are various reasons why this might happen, and unless you are well versed with the workings of this appliance, then it is recommended you call a professional, who will attend your home, diagnose and repair the problem as quickly as possible.
The advantage of using a highly trained technician is that they will generally know where the problem could be after having listened to your description of what’s gone wrong. Importantly, they are trained with all the safety procedures, and with their knowledge, they won’t cause any further damage, of which there is a chance if you attempt a repair yourself.

Troubleshooting and Repair
If the relative component moves, or there is an issue with the door switch, it will make the ice-making procedure cease. Equally, if clogging in the water line or filters is a problem, then water won’t be able to pass through successfully. A trained technician will be able to carry out a cleaning process or replace damaged parts.

Leakages can occur if the appliance is not level or correctly aligned, so this is something you can check yourself, but failing that, if a component is responsible, then the best way forward is to contact a repair service.
Ice Not Ejecting, Poor Taste

If the dispensation of ice cubes fails or you find that the ice develops an unpleasant taste or has an odd appearance, the culprits may well be one of several components, for example, the supply line, circuitry, valve or filter, which a qualified technician would be able to repair or replace easily.

Repair or Replace?
Most ice machines have a lifetime of at least five years providing they are well maintained, but whether during that time or after, the appliance may develop problems and require the replacement of components If not economically viable to be repaired, then a Tyler’s Appliance Repair will be able to advise you on the purchase of a new appliance.