Washer / Dryer Repair

If a washing machine or dryer develops a minor fault, it may be possible for you to repair it yourself, but obviously, if the fault is more serious, then you’ll need to find a reliable and trustworthy repair service, which is where Tyler’s Appliance Repair of Hillsboro OR., comes in.

If you attempt a repair yourself, make sure the machine is not plugged in and that there are no clothing items inside it. It might be that the machine isn’t draining properly or the agitation movement is malfunctioning, but with a little bit of knowledge, you might be able to diagnose and resolve the problem, whether it be a replacement needed or time to call on our repair service.

1. Noisy
A strange noise might be due to the motor pump or bearings have worn, but you will recognize any unusual sounds.
1. Leaking
Leaking can be caused by the door having been damaged or the pump wearing out, but both of these parts can be replaced, dependent, of course, on the amount of damage. This is, however, a fairly common problem.
1. Machine not starting
Reasons for a washing machine or dryer not starting could be related to switches on the door latch, a timer that’s faulty or any of the electronic controls, all of which might have worn away. About seventeen percent of customers have had trouble with their machines not starting.
1. No agitating
Check whether the agitator cogs, drive belt or coupler have worn away, because any one of these issues could prevent the machine from agitating, failing to correctly clean your clothes and in the case of dryers, failing to remove moisture from garments.
1. Timer not advancing
If the timer isn’t functioning, it might be that you have to fix or replace the motor, switch on the lid, water level control or pump to resolve this problem.
1. Pumps but not spinning
2. Examine the motor coupling and door lock to find out whether the fault lies here, and if so, then you can perhaps repair or even replace these parts.
3. Machine vibration
If your washer or dryer begins to vibrate, firstly check to make sure that it’s sited on a level surface. Other causes can be the shock absorbers or dampening straps.
1. Water Does Not Fill
Check the inlet hose and valve to find if there are any faults there, which would prevent water from filling the machine.

1. Burning Smell
Try to discover whether it’s the motor pulley or drive belt that is causing a burning smell, or in the case of dryers if lint has blocked the filter and poses a risk of fire. There is about one percent of customers who find this an issue.
1. Water constantly filling machine
Check the water level pressure switch, water inlet valve or dome tube, which could be the culprit here.
1. Machine Fills and Drains Simultaneously
This problem could be due to faulty pressure switches, a complaint affecting about one percent of customers.

1. Water is Neither Cold nor Hot
If the water is neither hot nor cold, the culprit could be a faulty inlet hose or switch, a problem faced by about one percent of customers. If you are unable to resolve the issue yourself, then it is time to call on repair service.

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